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Madison Craft Beer Week April 28-May 7th – Daily Brewery Features
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Saturday, April 29th – Metropolitan Brewing Tap Feature

The evening of Saturday April 29th, we are featuring Metropolitan Brewing out of Chicago. This brewery specializes in German-style lagers. We expect you to be crushing these beers all night long with us. This is not a demand but consider it a warning. Tracy Hurst, one of the owners will be here from the brewery to answer any questions you may have.

Krankshaft Kolsch
Dynamo Copper Lager
Magnetron Schwarzbier
Flywheel Bright Lager
Iron Works Alt Bier
Magnetron “Randall” infused with J. Henry soaked oak chips and local KinKin Coffee Beans.
Also we will be hosting an infusion of some of their beers for this evening. Pick up to 3 ingredients and we will french press them for you. This build your own adventure part of the event is limited so when we are out of ingredients for this we are out.

Sunday, April 30th – Tyranena Brunch & Barrels

7 lines of tyranena including
Coco Poco – Rum Barreled Coconut imperial Porter
Carnal Knowledge In The Wood – Rye Barrel Aged Double Stout
Shaggin In The Highlands – Scotch Barrel Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
Wrath Of Rocky – Bourbon Barreled Imperial Brown Ale
Kissers-Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Double Stout
Scurvy – Orange Peel IPA
Sheep Shagger ran through Breakfast Cereal

2 Beer Infused Breakfast Entrees as well

Beer for Breakfast and Breakfast with your beer!

Tuesday, May 2nd – Pearl Street Brewery Feature

Celebrating Craft Beer Week with the guys from Pearl Street Brewery out of LaCrosse.
So far these our our featured beers: Subject to Change.
Raspberry Tambois
Smokin Hemp Porter
Dirty Wheat Boy
Downtown Brown
Java Lava
Evil Doppleganger Dopplebock
Me, myself and IPA ran through Mixed Berries

*subject to change

We will be featuring cheesecakes including a Tambois Infused one and brownies locally made by The Looking Glass Bakery
2 different cheesecakes
And a brownie to pair up with either of the below ice cream:
Downtown Brown
Java Lava
Ice Cream

Wednesday, May 3rd – Half Acre Fantastic Brewery Feature

Join us and Half Acre out of Chicago for a night of some pretty darn fabulous beers. It’s Madison Craft Beer Week!!!!

Beers so far and could change:

Barrel-Aged Big Hugs Coffee Imperial Stout
Galactic Double Daisy Cutter (POSSIBLY)
Vallejo IPA
Tuna Extra Pale
Pony Pilsner
Daisy Cutter – Coconut and Pinepple
Gone Away – Hop Rocket with Mixed Berries
Nitro Lead Feather – Black Ale

and possibly more as we see what special kegs are available from the brewery

We will also be serving Chicago Dogs and our take on a Italian Beef sammie. Doing it Chi-Town style this evening

Thursday, May 4th – Founder’s Brewing… May the 4th Be With You

Join us as the Dark Side of Founders takes on the Light Side. We will have some special beers for this event. Stay tuned for more details in the future as Ian from Founders and myself(Chad) build on to what this event with have.

so far:

Lizard Of Koz
Porter ran through marshmallows and graham crackers
PC Pils
All-Day IPA
Centennial IPA
and lots more

We will have some cool features mini desserts this evening made with KBS and other brews

more to come